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2020 Mystery Break

2019 was a hell of a year for me. The amount of challenges i faced and the growth that followed. Both in my personal life and my professional life were substantial. Those that have been with me in this journey have seen that growth materialise in many ways.
When you are a small business owner like myself work doesn’t stop at 5pm nor does it stop midnight. Its a fulltime job that requires your mental, emotional and sometimes physical capacity to be available at all times. This takes its toll and we all need to rest sometimes to recharge and energise for what comes next.
I’m very lucky to have an awesome team at Skyline Contracting who support each other and myself through these challenges and weeks that we traverse constantly
The same applies to my friends and family who surround me and also the friends and families that support the members of the Skyline family.

I’ve booked a little 4 night holiday for myself leaving on Monday the 6th of January, I actually though it left on the 8th but i was wrong! 😂
I’m going on a mystery holiday, meaning that I don’t find out where im going until the day before being sunday. This will be a very exciting, spontaneous adventure that i look forward to.
No matter where in Australia this little holiday takes me I will be using this opportunity to get lost & explore my new surroundings. Enjoy myself, meet some new people and have some new experiences. I will highlight the features of 2019 and pencil out the goals for 2020.
I look forward to coming back from this ‘mystery break’ with a new found sense of energy to propel through the next 12 months.

Theres no point in working hard and working long hours if at the end of the day we don’t get to enjoy the world that is around us, the friends that are in our lives and the family that supports us.

I hope you all have a very fruitful, successful and most of all a very enjoyable 2020!

David Kent
Managing Director of Skyline Contracting

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