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What A Waste

What a Waste

Port Stephens Bedminster

Skyline Contracting is a very unique company, taking approaches to problems that others may not consider especially when considering waste.

As Australias population & economy inevitably grows we will continue as a society to produce more and more waste. Even with the year being 2020 we have so far to go as a country to reduce our impact to the climate and our environment. Saying that, recently Australias recycling industry has been described as being in crisis. So much of our recycling still ends up in landfill which is highly unfortunate.
And when China stopped taking Australia’s recyclable plastics at the beginning of 2018, it became apparent just how dependent our industry was on shipping our waste overseas.

When Skyline Contracting provides a weekly waste collection service to your property we take it away up to Port Stephens to dispose of it at their Bedminster Waste Plant which is described as a “unique co-composting waste management facility” which happened to be the first of its kind in Australia when it opened in the late 1990s.

Instead of waste going straight to landfill our process ensures it goes through this fantastic system reducing the impact on our environment. What that means is co-mingled waste — the waste that is typically thrown out by households — is put through a rotary kiln. The process itself is extremely robust.

The garbage trucks dump their contents in piles on the floor of a large, metal building, before a front end loader shifts the waste into a metal funnel allowing for it to gradually be sifted down onto a bouncing conveyor belt system. If someone has put a car battery in the rubbish it will be removed by this bouncing conveyor belt.

The waste then makes its way in to The 60-metre long digesters which are installed at a slight incline, and rotate slowly. Inside, the temperature is up to 60 degrees Celsius. They’re effectively rotating kilns.

You effectively have a large mass of material tumbling on itself. It’s this tumbling action that initially breaks the bags and breaks things down.Then you’ll actually find the biological action of the bacteria that are in the process break it down further. It drives off volatile materials as well. It also releases a lot of moisture.

The waste spends on average 24 hours inside the digesters, which is enough time to break the waste down into a soil-like substance. After being discharged from the digesters, the waste goes through a further two-phase separation process to remove any metal or plastic. The organic waste is then piled in long rows inside another large building, where it is left for three weeks, being turned periodically. It is relocated to mature for a further period of time.

This facility is able to reuse 50 – 55% of waste material using this process and prevent more from going into the landfill

A large portion of the Reusable product is taken to mine sites across the Hunter Valley, which have legal responsibilities to rehabilitate the land they use. The waste does not fill the voids left by mines, but is used as a pseudo top soil.

We are very proud to be able to do our part in reducing the rubbish that goes into landfill.

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