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Quarantine Pets

Quarantine pets may have been something you’d never heard of before 2020, however, they have become the household talk this year. With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting us from going out and socialising I personally and others started to depend on our little furry friends. Breeders and rescue shelters found that the rates of animal adoption increased highly. For rescue shelters this increase in pets was very positive, ensuring that every animal got a loving home. The rates for some pets went up and when you visit your local animal rescues web page or RSPCA you will see every limited pet selection.

To give a little perspective, for the past month I have been trying to find a small dog for my partner’s mother. They lost their dog during the pandemic and was desperately after a dog. I spent over 2 months on gumtree but was constantly replied back with that the dog had sold. I spoke to a man named Mohammed, whose dog adoption post had over 6000 messages. Although the adoption rates for pets has increased, it does install the fear in our minds that once restrictions ease, and work is back to normal that these pets will be alone, or potentially abanded.

Us quarantine pet owners spent all our time and effort into our pets. Sadly, our quarantine pets don’t know of a time before where we weren’t at home with them 24/7, so going back to reality will be very challenging for them.

However, our little furry quarantine pets have become a different outlook to 2020. The year for some being full of sorrow and disappointment was turned to the joy of having a new partner by your side.

For some even having a quarantine pet has been great for their mental health. Mental health during this pandemic was at its lowest, and pets are known to be calming to the mind. I know for a fact that my kitten has definitely helped me with this.

We’d love to see your quarantine pets, so comment them on our post and let everyone see what brought you your joy this 2020!

By Sarah Williams

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