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02 4960 8630 Newcastle, NSW

About Us

Your friendly team who assist with all things property maintenance  

We are a small business specialising in all aspects of property maintenance.

We complete work on behalf of many properties and strata managers across the Newcastle and Hunter regions are growing rapidly. Following our launch in 2016, our year was massive. Growing from a one-person business to an entire team in just one year we were certain of one thing, Newcastle loved the service that we have to provide.

Over the past years, we have continued to expand the scope of services that we are able to provide. We are now able to offer many specialist services in one place. See the specialised services tab.

We complete many ongoing gardening, lawn mowing and cleaning jobs on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis and hope to continue to grow this area this year. For more information on our ongoing services click here. 

Skyline Contracting’s Core Values

  1. Challenge and Commit

We are passionate. We challenge each other and our clients to push for the best questions and answers. We strive for excellence, but don’t get put down when we have not reached that yet. Our team continues their passion for our company even through the uncomfortable, understanding that different perspectives, open minds and constructive feedback helps us to grow and make a strong meaningful change. Your teams should be your toughest critics, your biggest challengers and your loudest supporters

2. Strength of Character

We are committed to help and watch the personal and professional growth of every team member. We work extremely hard towards a common goal and ensure we hold each other accountable for excellence, no matter ones rank or position. Integrity is the defining quality of our people and our work. Ensure you do the right thing, act truthfully and honourably. We recruit team members who have the same core values as us. Who understands the importance of working as a team, having a strong work ethic, are transparent and individuals that can adapt and are ready to learn our values. Together we can achieve eminence.

3. Everyone Matters

We take care of our people. At Skyline Contracting it is important to us that every employee and client feels respected. We want to affirm the worth and capacity of all people. We achieve this by making work fun. We gather together on team meetings which allows us over time to build love, trust and kindness for one another. We believe in creating an environment for our team to create change within the community.

4. Loving Our Company

We demonstrate loyalty through our dedication to the mission, to the community and to each other. Loyalty is about relationships. We need to be helpful to one another and insist no one is left behind. We are committed. We want to commit to providing a never before experience to our clients and we achieve this by being loyal to our company and ourselves. Our uniform stands for who we are. When in uniform we must be passionate and driven to complete excellent work. We work collaboratively with Skyline employees, suppliers and clients to solve problems and achieve high-end goals.

5. One Team

We believe in the power of the communities we support and serve. We give back to the communities we live in by providing a seamless service for them, together as one team. We support one another just like a family. We want to enhance our community with our clients, we want our team members to join the communities of our clients and the clients to join our community. Overall, we understand that teamwork makes the dream work. We work together to bring our passions and professionalism to make Skyline Contracting the best it can be.

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